Interested in Getting Involved?


New volunteers are always welcome! Please get in touch by email – or phone / text: 0862730700

Responders are required by the HSE to be over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit but since CPR is a very physically demanding task, volunteer responders must be physically fit. Responders must be inside the catchment area while on call, e.g. at home or their place of work.

In terms of time commitment:

  • Volunteers will have to undergo initial training including CFR training and Group Policy training.If you are already qualified as a medical responder or practitioner  you will only need to undergo the Group Policy training.
  • Ongoing time commitment, there will be monthly 2hr training sessions which volunteers will be expected to attend, and it would be expected that volunteers would be available to be ‘on call’ once or twice per month.

We also have a number of other volunteer roles if being a responder isn’t for you!

Other Volunteer Roles

For people who wish to support this CFR scheme without being a responder we have many other volunteer roles. These include:

  • Publicity – Local Media, Social Media, Photography,
  • Fundraising – arranging and co-ordinating
  • Membership Management – maintaining membership database & recruiting new members
  • Training – organising training for responders etc.
  • Equipment Maintenance & Purchase – ensuring Batteries & Pads replaced etc.
  • Local Area Mapping – providing maps for Responders with house numbers & names etc.
  • IT – Website design, Logo Design

Please get in touch by email – or phone / text: 0862730700